Family Fund are going to be at our event on April 19th, just in case you don’t know about the wonderful opportunities they can provide for, they have written this article to help you understand their charity…

Family Fund is the UK’s largest charity providing grants to families raising disabled or seriously ill children and young people. Their grants for family breaks, days out, kitchen appliances, sensory toys and much more help to break down some of the barriers that families face, and give them the same opportunities as others.

Sean’s family love to horse ride, but his mum explained, “Sean couldn’t fit in a traditional saddle due to his low muscle tone.” She started to research alternatives and found a basket saddle that was perfect for Sean. “It sits on the pony as a traditional saddle would but has a basket around the back to offer extra support, and a clip around the front for safety. Both his occupational therapist and physio have approved the saddle; they said it would be great for his coordination, muscle tone and balance.”

The new saddle has allowed Sean to join in with the family hobby and spend more time with his best friend Casper the pony. “Sean has surpassed my hopes for him to ride with his brothers and other children and in the future I hope he will go on to do local horse shows with Casper.”

Family Fund’s support isn’t just financial, their Digital Inclusion programme helps families get the most out of their digital devices through one-to-one or group training, covering topics including accessibility features, parental controls, guided access and more.  Their sleep support hub, Tired Out, provides useful information and resources to help families get a better night’s sleep.
To find out more about Family Fund and how they could help, visit their website at , call 01904 550055 or email

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