It’s that time of year where we’re seeing lots of leavers hoodies around and about, lots of excitement at moving on to a new school, or college! As a parent of a child with SEN, this can be quite a challenging, nervous time. However things have been at your current school, moving to somewhere new can be quite daunting – even if our kids are taking it in their stride!

That’s why we’ve decided to put on a couple of sessions for Year 6 and Year 11 parents, to talk about transitions. They will be relaxed and informal and give parents a chance to chat about their concerns and get some advice at the same time.

Both sessions will be suitable for parents with children who are on SEN Support or have an EHC Plan – and those in mainstream or special school.

Year 6 – we’ll concentrate on key areas like transport, organisation, making sure you know who to speak to and what happens in Year 7. We’ll also remind you of where you stand with ‘reasonable adjustments’ for pupils who are classed as disabled – this can be quite important for those children who don’t have an EHC Plan, but will need some little changes made to make things run a bit smoother for them. It’s also useful when considering uniform requirements.

Year 11 – we’ll discuss everything that we cover in the Year 6 session but with Year 11 in mind, we will also talk about who you talk to between now and September if you’ve already left school and have worries or questions. Some Year 12 placements can be decided very late, due to funding, so we’ll cover that too.

Most of all we want to be able to provide an opportunity for parents who are in the same boat to be able to get together. It may be that ou even meet someone heading to the same school/college, this can be a great contact to make.

The dates and times are as follows:

Both dates have now passed

Both sessions are held at The Hub – for location info click here

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