We decided last Autumn that we wanted to put on event for our parents and carers, and we immediately decided that we wanted to create an event that s a break from the norm! 

We’ve all been to a variety of events over the years and we discussed what we have liked and what we haven’t liked and we came up with a plan. Our event is for parents and carers – it’s aim is to offer you some advice and support that will be relevant to your children and young people, but mainly we want to create an event that is for you. That’s how we came up with the name “SEND: Your 0-25 Journey” when you have a child or young person with SEND, it’s not just their journey, it’s yours too.

So, some basics about the event, there will be a good lunch, not a standard buffet, but a proper meal and there will be free flowing coffee and tea all day!

We are sourcing some interesting workshops for you – the first one we can confirm is ‘an Introduction to Mindfulness’ – a simple form of meditation that can support mental well being.

We will have some information stalls, Family Fund and Contact (previously Contact a Family) will be with us. We will also have some stalls where you can treat yourself to some small purchases for yourself – one thing we had all agreed on was that more often than not when you arrive home from an event you are empty handed and wouldn’t it be nice if you could actually go home with something for yourself.

In our ‘Bolton’s Local Offer…. and more’ area we are going to be sourcing information from numerous local and national groups that may be of interest to you and your family. Sit and browse, or pop some leaflets in your bag to take home…. we’ll make sure we give you have a bag when you arrive!

Finally, after you’ve attended a workshop, or two, had coffee with a friend, sourced some information and had a great lunch, we’ll be sending you home with a premium good bag.* The bags are reusable jute shoppers with a special design – as soon as we have one in our hands, we’ll post a picture! Our aim for the day is that you leave feeling nourished – whether it’s because you spent relaxing time with friends, or learnt something new, we want the event to be time out for you, and inside the bag will be a few treats to help you continue with that theme!

There are two ticket options, a full day ticket and a drop-in ticket.

Full Day Tickets: Join us at 10:00 for refreshments and a short introduction. You’ll be able to book onto the workshops that you fancy. You will receive a complimentary lunch and of course your premium bag to take home. The day formally ends at 14:30, however workshops will have completed by 14:15.

Drop-In Ticket: We recognise that spending the full day with us may not be for everyone – so we have a drop-in option too. Join us anytime from 11:00 on wards, you can access the information area and all the stalls, plus the complimentary tea and coffee.

To book your ticket, click here and you will be directed to the eventbrite website entrance will be by ticket only. Once you register for your ticket, you will receive an email confirmation, then in April we will post out your tickets. Tickets will be available from Thursday 22nd February.

One of the things that we had to make a difficult decision about was who we would issue tickets to. We know that as parents and carers, some of you have pre-school age children and some of you have young people (16-25’s) that you are caring for that you may be responsible for on the day. We made the decision that entrance will only be for parents and carers- this is for two reasons, the first being that we have a limit on the numbers that we can admit into the event and we would have to count children and young people, which, would reduce the numbers of parents and carers that we could admit. The second reason is that the event is for the parents and carers, and it’s about taking some time out, it’s about having no caring responsibilities for the day. We really hope that this won’t be too restrictive and it’s one of the reasons that we have launched the date and the booking with plenty of advance notice, so that where possible you can make arrangements.

We really hope that you will enjoy the event that we have created and we hope to see you there!